In an emergency, every second counts. When you arrive with your pet on an emergency or urgent care basis, we will perform an immediate triage assessment to evaluate the stability of your pet and need for emergency medical intervention. In life-threatening situations, you may be asked for consent to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The first component of basic triage is assessing your pet’s level of consciousness, airway/breathing (labored breathing or choking, lack of oxygen), circulatory status (pale gums or weak pulses, racing heart), and pain score. Patients needing urgent medical attention, upon consent will be moved to our treatment area for immediate doctor assessment and commencement of emergency care.

Placing an IV catheter and administering IV fluids, giving oxygen supplementation, and pain relief medications may be elements of the initial stabilization of your pet. As your pet is stabilized, your veterinarian will review a diagnostic plan which may include imaging (radiographs, ultrasound) and laboratory evaluation (blood and/or urine tests) to ascertain the severity of the situation and tailor treatment for your pet.

At times, your pet may need advanced care at a referral or specialty center. When this is the case, our staff will discuss options for transfer and referral.

End of Life/Euthanasia Services:

This time of a pet’s life can be one of the most difficult you will ever face. Know that you are never alone as we are right here to help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you have questions or concerns about whether it’s the right time to put your pet to sleep. When it’s time, our team will provide a compassionate and comfortable euthanasia experience, to help make your pet’s transition a gentle and peaceful one.


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